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    dinner in ChinatownMy husband and I both agree:  It is good to be home.  We traveled to Washington, DC for his job for a few days earlier this week, but were very glad to return home.  We arrived on Sunday, and we discovered that on Sunday almost all of the restaurants where we were staying are closed on Sundays.  While walking around and looking for a place to eat, though, we did take a nice walk completely around the White House.  (Had I known we were staying so close to it, I would definately have taken my camera with me.)  But, we were simply looking for a bite to eat, and I was wearing 3″ heels, I was not about to walk back there for a picture.  After all, we all know what the White House looks like, right?  Note to self:  Next time I go to a city where I plan to do quite a bit of walking, I should take along at least one pair of walking shoes.  (I am a very petite 4’10” and so I wear heels every day.  All of my clothing is tailored for heels and, unless I am working out, it never occurs to me to wear anything else.)  My husband and I did enjoy dinner at a couple of nice restaurants, however, and enjoyed spending the time together in travel and at the hotel.  I did plan on visiting several museums, but I became ill the day after we arrived and did not really get out of the hotel much except to eat.  On the day we were to leave, I did have to check out of the hotel several hours before my husband finished with work.  So, I did strike out on my own to visit Stitch DC, a knitting shop Stitch DCjust a metro ride away.  The shop was small and did not really have a wide selection.  (I was looking mostly for lace and/or sock yarn, and I wanted something I did not commonly see at stores in my area.)  I did, however, find a cone of Habu textiles 100% silk in the mocha color.  It contained over 1800 yards of shimmery taupe colored silk, so I could not resist.  It will make a lovely lace shawl and be a nice souvenir from my trip.  That little jaunt exhausted me, so I unwound at the Border’s Cafe for a while and then spent about an hour at my husband’s office before leaving for the airport.  After a fiasco with my husband’s plane ticket (he had the eticket, the confirmation number, and a seat assignment, but was not in the airline’s computer system for the second half of our flight) and a long trek in Chicago across the entire O’Hare airport, we finally made it home at nearly midnight.

    Silk & Cashmere

    When we arrived home, I discovered two things:  that spring had arrived in our absence and that some yarn I ordered arrived from the UK.  Our lawn had been dead and brown when we left, but now it is turning green.  The magnolias had bloomed, and the pear, dogwood, and crabapple trees are just starting to sprout new green leaves.  Today, the temperature actually reached 80 degrees…a big change from last Saturday’s chilly snow that melted as soon as it hit the ground.  Since being home, I did have a chance to finish that green shawl that I had been working on.  I blocked it this afternoon and plan to unpin it in the morning.  I did have a bit of trouble with the edging.  It is knitted on, and the first stitches are to be grafted together with the ending stitches.  I tried grafting it two different times, but it still looks strange to me, and obviously grafted.  Normally grafting is not a problem, but I think this time it is due to the lace patterning along with the grafting.  I will take pics tomorrow of the finished shawl.  (The yarn I recieved is 1000 yards of ivory laceweight cashmere that I purchased on Etsy.  I cannot wait to knit with it!)


2 Comments to There is no place like home.

  • Ooh, my husband and I want to go to DC someday. We had planned to several years ago, but it just never worked out. Too bad you got sick, but it sounds like you still had a nice time!

  • Tammy,
    We had an okay time. It was not my first time there. I went on my 8th grade class field trip, back in the 80s. I still remember a lot from that time. The museum I wanted to go back to the most, the American History Museum, is closed anyway until 2008 for renovations. If/when you do go, you should definitely take the time to see the museums. All of the Smithsonian museums are free, which is a good thing. Hotels are expensive though…ours was about $350 a night, which is why we did not stay longer than my husband\’s employer would pay for.

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