• 16Mar
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    sprinting to the finish lineI really have been remiss in my posting lately.  I suppose that my knitting discouragement has overflowed into other aspects of my life.  After my fiasco with my green shawl, I did not even want to look at it for quite a while so I pushed it aside for a bit while I contemplated what to do.  I frogged it back to the original body and expanded the original edging pattern.  I am currently about 2/3 finished with the edging.  This discourages me because my goal was to finish it today and block it…

    …because I am going on a trip!  I wanted to put the project behind me so I could work on something fresh and new on the airplane.  Well, somewhat fresh and somewhat new.  I am taking the shawl that I started melon in progresswhen I pushed the green one aside as I contemplated my options.  It is the melon shawl from Victorian Lace Today (where else?) knitted in Sangria laceweight merino from Spunky Eclectic.  I did not like the edging on the shawl in the book, so I am borrowing an idea from Grumperina and applying the narrow point border.  I am also taking some alpaca sock yarn and the Bayeriche Sock pattern by Eunny Jang. 

    As for where I am going…I am going to keep that under wraps for a bit.  🙂  It is a business trip for my husband, but his boss told him to bring his wife!  I am going to enjoy a few days off work, visit a yarn shop and a couple of museums, and (of course) knit!  I will post pics and details when I return.

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