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    I am requesting your opinion!  In my last post I discussed a shawl that I have been working on.  Originally, the shawl was knitted from one skein of yarn and the edging from a second ball.  When I decided to lengthen it, I needed to add in yarn from the second ball to the body of the shawl.  Then I noticed that there was a difference in the intensity of the colors between the two skeins.  They are both of the same colorway, and there is no dye lot listed.  This was not an issue at all when one comprised the body and the other the edging; it was not even noticeable.  

    Here are the questions I am posing:  Is this difference noticeable people other than myself?  Should I keep going with the second ball, which will make 5′ of the shawl in one skein, and the last 1′ and edging out of the second ball, or should I just frog it and wear the short version the way I had originally knitted it.  I notice the difference now, but I am not sure if it will be evident to others.  Any advice you can give will be very helpful!

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  • I can see the difference, but was the picture taken with a flash? A scarf is something that is not static, you know, it’s moving all the time with you. The difference is so subtle, that it probably won’t be detectable when you’re wearing it.

  • Thanks for the input, you make a good point about movement.

    And, to answer your question:  No, I did not use a flash. The picture was taken on my dining room table using natural light. My husband thinks the difference in color is actually more noticeable in dimmer light/shadow than in bright light.

  • What a bummer! First, the stitches and pattern look beautiful! The colors are awesome . . .but I agree with you on the intensity. It is not even noticable as edging, but it is when you knitted it into the body of the shawl. I have absolutely no advice (I am such a help, aren’t I?). Will it just not work at all as the smaller size? Maybe it won’t be noticable when it is finished and you are actually wearing it. What is your gut feeling?

  • […] I really have been remiss in my posting lately.  I suppose that my knitting discouragement has overflowed into other aspects of my life.  After my fiasco with my green shawl, I did not even want to look at it for quite a while so I pushed it aside for a bit while I contemplated what to do.  I frogged it back to the original body and expanded the original edging pattern.  I am currently about 2/3 finished with the edging.  This discourages me because my goal was to finish it today and block it… […]

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