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    Victorian Lace TodayI originally started this blog to keep me focused and on track with my knitting projects, and I found that it does work well for me.  I stay focused on finishing the project I started before getting carried away with too many projects at a time.  So I am still working on my Jade Sapphire shawl, and making decent progress.  I took about a week off from it and worked on a pair of socks (the weather has been so cold!) and to break up the monotony of knitting basically a double wide lace scarf.  It is looking great, and I cannot wait until it is finished because…

    …I have more lace projects planned. 

    Since getting Victorian Lace Today for Christmas, I have used some of my Christmas money to purchase lace weight yarn.  (Would one call that re-stashing, rather than de-stashing?)  But, every purchase I have made is already designated to be a particular project, so I am not collecting stash for stash’s sake.  This should keep me quite busy for a while to come and I should not (hopefully) be tempted to purchase other yarn.  I now just have to “budget” my yarn and make it last for quite a while.  Here are some of the projects I have planned:


    ruby slippers


    I have one more lace yarn on the way, and I will post about that one when it arrives. 🙂

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