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    The Listener's BibleGoal:  Read through the entire Bible in a year (or sooner). 

    I do not make resolutions each new year.  I do, however, set goals for myself.  I had been reading through the Bible daily until we began to approach the holidays.  Then it just seemed that we got so busy that I got lax in my reading.  It was a goal of mine to read through the whole Bible from cover to cover (I had not done that since Bible college) but I did not set it within a particular time frame.  This year, I decided to further challenge myself to start at the beginning on January 1 and make it through the whole Bible by the end of the year.  My husband has joined me in this challenge.

    My husband and I both have iPods.  Among our favorite things to listen to are audiobooks and theological podcasts.  We subscribe to Audible.com, where we get two book credits a month for about $22.95.  If you have ever priced a book on CD at the store, they run usually between $40-60 apiece.  Audio versions of the Bible can run from about $40 all the way up to $100.  My husband had the wonderful idea to get The Listener’s Bible from Audible.com – where it cost us only one book credit ($11.47)!  One of the wonderful benefits of audiobooks is the ability to listen while I do other things.  I listen while I apply my makeup in the morning, while I do dishes or iron, while I knit, and even while I drive in my car.  My husband has a 45 minute commute each way to work (and he dislikes commuting) and he listens on the way to work.  The Listener’s Bible is a wonderful way to listen to the Bible, and Max McLean reads very well.  It is available in ESV, KJV, or NIV versions. 

    I challenge any of you in blogland who either have not read through (or listened to) the entire Bible before or have not done it in a while to join me in this endeavor.  You can find schedules and reading plans here.

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  • This is awesome! I want to do this someday as well. My goal for February is to memorize the Ten Commandments. Not the basic ones we typically hear, but the no kidding straight out of the bible verses 1-20 (I think that is how many verses they actually are contained within. I figure this should be something I know at a minimum.

  • Hello,

    I got an I-POD for Christmas, too. I listen to the audio Bible and have gotten to Ezra. Happy listening.


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