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    I want to thank everyone who called or emailed me with birthday wishes, I appreciate your kind thoughts and words.  

    I had a very nice birthday yesterday.  My husband brought me a giftbag of Starbucks goodies and took me out to my favorite restaurant for dinner.  Cunetto’s is an Italian restaurant on “The Hill,” a famous St. Louis neighborhood known for authentic Italian fare.  I ordered salad, Linguini Tutto Mare (always my favorite dish there – I have never had it taste half so good at any other restaurant), and followed it with coffee and spumoni.  It was a fantastic meal and my husband almost had to roll me out, I was so full.  (And I have enough leftovers to have for lunch the rest of the week!)  And, for an extra special birthday something – I am getting a new dishwasher! 

    Some of you may not think that an appliance as a gift is very romantic.  I agree, it is not, but it is very practical and it is what I really want.  I have lived in our house for over two years now without one.  I was given a free (I like free) one by my brother-in-law when he renovated his kitchen and upgraded to stainless appliances.  As a Christmas gift, my brother (a plumber) came and plumbed out my kitchen for the dishwasher and installed it, while my dad did the electric and even rewired my circuit box.  They did an awesome job, but the dishwasher had sat unused for too long (more than two years), was not in prime condition, and the seals leaked.  (We found this out when my husband discovered water dripping in the basement while the dishwasher was running.)  My brother and father had informed me beforehand that this was a strong possibility, since the dishwasher was not new.  I had only had it installed for a week, and already I was mourning the loss.  So, for my birthday I am going to be getting a brand new dishwasher!!!  I have a great husband to get me such a wonderful/practical/expensive birthday gift! 

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