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     Last night we unpacked our Christmas decorations, put on some festive Christmas music, and decorated our house for Christmas. 

    Our porcelain nativity set was a gift from my in-laws a couple of years ago and gets the space of honor in the center of the mantel.  I would like to find a stable to house it, and will probably look for one after Christmas.

    Prior to last year, we had real trees.  We even had a tradition of saving the ends of the stumps that we cut off before placing the tree in the stand.  Each is marked with the year and something significant about that Christmas.  Sentiments such as Our First Christmas (2000) and First Christmas in our New House (2004).  These are placed under the tree each year to commemorate Christmases Past.  Because I like to have the tree up usually from Thanksgiving to Epiphany, a real tree does not usually last that long.  My husband wanted to look at artificial trees for the ease of going down to the basement to get it, to avoid allergy concerns, and also because it can be an inconvenience to dispose of in our area since we do not have a truck.  So as we were looking to purchase an artificial tree (I wanted one that looked as realistic as possible), my in-laws offered us theirs for free.  We like free.  They do not put one up anymore since they no longer have children at home.  My MIL loves to decorate for Christmas, but thinks the large tree is too much trouble for just the two of them.  So, we have an artificial tree now.  As we were putting the lights on (I like a lot of lights and I am not sure how we did it last year with the same tree), we ran out and only the bottom third of the tree was lit at that point.  So, out to the store for more lights, some Christmas wrap, an additional trinket for my nephew, and some mint M&Ms to munch.  We finished trimming the tree and putting out various seasonal decorations.  I still need a good garland for the tree, though.  It does not look finished to me without one.  I tried to find one last year during the after Christmas sales, but without success.  I am thinking something red and maybe beaded…no tinsel type garland for me.  The tree by nature is bristly looking enough that I want something to contrast the texture of it.

    Because we have an artificial tree now, and I love the scent of a real tree, I have compromised with a candle that smells like a real tree.  My favorite is McCall’s Country candles in Cabin Scents for Christmas, Cinnamon is excellent as well, and Campfire Marshmallow is perfect for autumn.  They also have several Christmas scented ones I have not yet tried, like Christmas Jingle, Christmas Tree, Country Christmas, Jack Frost (I would like to try that one), Poinsettia, and Sugar Plum.  The 24 oz. candles have a 110-130 hour burn time and burn eveny all the way to the bottom.  I dislike when candles do not burn evenly and half of the candle is wasted because of it.  Not so with these candles! 

    I will share more Christmas pictures and stories as the holiday approaches.  Until next time, I wish all of you a very merry Christmas season! 


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  • LOL. The sad part is that it’s true! I reeembmr that year. I just don’t reeembmr which year it was exactly and why it happened.And for the record, our tree is not up either. Only going up next weekend because we don’t have J the weekend after that or I’d wait until then. Too much work to keep kids from taking off ornaments!

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