• 30Nov
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    front walk

    It is still icing outside and it is already more than an inch thick on our front walk – the same walk that is still warm from the 60-70 degree weather of the past week.

    I just received a telephone call from my dear hubby weathering the storm on the other side of St. Louis.  From his report, he is having a wonderful time with one of his good buddies.  They checked out their posh hotel – he says it is probably the nicest he has ever stayed in, and on the company tab to boot – and he just finished enjoying a lovely steak dinner out.  So, he is having quite the time on the town during this icy weather.  It kind of makes me a bit envious of him…as I sit finishing up my veggie burger (some kinds are good, this one was not) and tater tots.  (They were some of the last things left in the freezer…today was supposed to be grocery day.)

    I suppose this will be a good opportunity for me to have uninterrupted knitting time, and maybe a chick flick.



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