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    Sarah on the radiatorWinter is making a grand entrance into our area.  I knew that it had to be coming soon, especially after the past week of 60+ degree temperatures.  Yesterday after noon it was even 71!  There were warnings on the news yesterday and we knew it was coming: a sudden and severe weather change, the kind that the midwest is famous for.  From temps in the 70s yesterday to a possible 4-8 inches of icy accumulation tomorrow. 

    It started as sleet this afternoon.  I have been hearing the small ice pellets steadily hitting the raining ice crystalswindows since about one o’clock this afternoon.  The streets started to glaze with ice and the cars began to fishtail down our street.  Sarah, my girl cat, was not the least bit disturbed and stretched out on the warm radiator for an afternoon nap. 

    My husband has quite long distance to commute to work, and his employer booked hotel rooms to put some of the employees up for the night.  While I will miss him, this is good because the road is so icy that tractor-trailors have jacknifed, car accidents abound, and bridges have even been closed.  Hotel rooms are now hard to find as well because the airport has been ice on our back stepsshut down until tomorrow.  I would rather he be safe in a hotel room than risk his life to make it home (and he will not be alone, because he is sharing the room with a friend).  And since he is staying at work later, he will get overtime pay for that as well.  So, I am husbandless for the night, but it saves him from having to fight the weather home and icy road conditions at 5 a.m. 

    Meanwhile, I am staying inside and keeping warm with a roaring fire and a cup of hot cocoa.  Later this evening, the sleet is supposed to change to snow and we shall see how much accumulation we get by morning. 

    roaring fire


4 Comments to Ice Storm

  • If you want to be in a wintery mood, turn on WIBI. They’re playing all Christmas music 24-7.

  • Wow, you must have been watching for my post….You commented only 5 minutes after I published it. I am watching the news at the moment, but I will turn on the radio a bit later. Stay warm & I love you!

  • Your living room looks soooooo cozy! I’d just love to sit in that chair by the fire! =) Your stained glass windows remind me of ours. Only ours is smack dab in the middle of the wall. It’s kind of hard to decorate around. LOL

    Have a good night’s sleep! I’m sure you miss your hubby, but how nice for the company to put him up for the night!

    Oh, and we are supposed to get the bad weather too. It hasn’t hit yet.

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