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    apple & peach butters

    There were three things that my great-grandmother was known for:  Homemade jellies (especially elderberry, a family favorite) and canned vegetables, tatted lace, and hand quilting.  Sadly, she died before I learned any of these from her.  Since getting married I have learned to tat and to hand quilt, but I had not canned anything before.  So now I want to thank Tammy for inspiring me to make apple butter.  She made strawberry jam this past summer and talked about her inverted canning method.  She made it sound so simple that when autumn arrived I decided to make apple butter.  I followed a recipe and did it in my crock pot and it was so easy!  It turned out so well that I also made some peach butter as well and improvised my own recipe.  I have already given some of the jars away (and used some myself) so there are not many left.  I plan to make more and to give them as Christmas gifts along with other baked goodies.  I think my great-grandmother would be proud to see these family traditions have lived on.


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  • What a lovely picture! Mmmmm…I love, love, love apple butter! I was going to make some this fall, but I ran out of steam! That and our on-going house project…I will make some NEXT year! 😉

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