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    Wedding 2000 and Christmas 2005I have struggled with liking and hating my hair.  My husband likes it long (anything past my shoulder is long).  When he first met me about ten years ago, I was going through my “grunge phase” and my hair was boy-short (especially in the back) and burgundy.  Scary, eh?  lol.  Anyway, he was not interested in me in that way (nor, truth  be told, was I interested in him as anything other than a friend).  I quit dyeing my hair, and even tried to have it dyed back to near my normal color.  The result was absolutely horrible.  Do you remember those barbie-looking dolls in the ’80s that had silver bodies with neon colored hair?  Well, my hair ended up THAT shade of hot pink when they tried to bleach out the burgundy.  I ran out of time and had to leave the salon before they could bleach it a third time – I had to go to work with that hair color!  The next day I was to go back, but Benjamin stopped by my house before I left for the appointment .  He saw me with pink hair!  I had successfully hid it from my family because I worked a late shift at the hospital, and I did not come out of my room until they had all left the next morning.  But HE saw it.  He still teases me about it today.

    me in collegeAfter that, I let my hair grow until it passed my shoulders.  Then I went to college in hot and humid Florida, and after only a couple of weeks off came my hair again.  I wore it that way until I came home from college, then started growing it back.  Hmm…just five weeks later my husband proposed, lol.  I have changed length several times since we got married, but have mostly kept it below my chin.


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