• 20Oct
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    I realize that I am long overdue for a post, so I shall share some pics from a day out with my sis. 

    My sister Pinky and I went to the Missouri Botonical Garden to see the Glass in the Garden exhibit.  Glass is one of my favorite art forms, and it was a wonderful day to spend outdoors.  A picture is worth a thousand words, so I shall share some instead of prattling on.

    glass & waterfallglass & bamboomexican hats

    Most of the glass was displayed in the Climatron, which is very warm and humid.  Due to this, my camera lens kept fogging up and I did not get very many decent pictures.

    I had a better time in the Temperate House.


    white rosePinky

    Then back outside…


    I even managed to navigate the above walkway in stiletto heels without a mishap.  😉

    bridge & glass

    And, being a knitter, I just had to take this one:


    There were so many more pictures that I wanted to take, but my camera batteries died too quickly.  I plan to go back again when the leaves are in their full fall glory and hopefully get some autum color pictures.

    Knitting content coming later.  I finished a shawl, and will photograph it after it is finished blocking.


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