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    My husband and I took a long weekend trip to the Ozarks to visit Branson, MO.  The drive there was absolutely gorgeous with a clear blue sky and fluffy white clouds.  We sat in the car holding hands like two newlyweds and anticipating the things we would see and do over the weekend.  

    We arrived Thursday afternoon, relaxed at our hotel, ate barbeque for dinner, and then met a young friend who is attending College of the Ozarks, where we spent the evening playing games and sipping Starbucks. 

    On Friday, we slept in and relaxed in our hotel before going to an early lunch followed by some shopping at two of the three outlet malls.  I really like Liz Claiborne bags, and my husband was very generous and let me have not just one, but two new handbags!  I also found a great faux wrap sweater on sale at the Gap Outlet. 

    After shopping we enjoyed a nice seafood dinner before seeing a show and returning to our hotel.

    Saturday was a very busy day.  We went to Silver Dollar City for the Festival of American Music and Crafts with my in-laws and niece.  I saw some very well done corn husk dolls, and bought a kit to make one.corn husk dollcorn husk pilgrim  It looked like a fun project to try on some cold rainy day.  During lunch we saw a cowboy doing a demonstration with longhorn steers which was very interesting to watch. 

    We also enjoyed browsing the many shops, eating the homestyle food, fresh baked goods, and riding rides. 

    Benjamin at Silver Dollar CitypumpkinsHeatherwaterfallshopswildfire rollercoasterfamily picture

    Another thing we enjoyed was watching the musicians and craftsmen.  Inside the pottery shop, I watched one of the potters working at the wheel.  I could not resist picking up another mug as a souvenir.  (I have several, but I like that they are each unique.)  We also met Violet Hensley, a woman who is about to turn 90 and has been making violins since she was 15.  She is currently being filmed for an NBC special.  My husband had the opportunity to play the violin along with her.  He also took the opportunity to play and sing with the Homestead Pickers, Silver Dollar City’s resident musicians who play, sing, tell stories and jokes.  His father was so pleased. 

    potterBenjamin plays with Violet HensleyBenjamin singsmug from the pottery shop

    We had a terrific time and arrived back at our hotel very tired.  On Sunday, we enjoyed another gorgeous day driving back home.  No matter how great the trip is, it always feels good to be home.


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  • Heather….
    I looking for by dolls anystyle and material ( because I am teacher of arts, and teach in a elementary school), and I wish say you I liked a lot your corn husk dolls…well years ago I did them with twist paper…and now I do with clay or papier maché…but always is good remembering old times with old materials…Congratulations!!, very fine your work….greetings from Chile

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