• 23Sep
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    self portraitI do not like pictures of myself, which is probably why I am usually the person behind the camera.  I have even gone out of my way not to post a picture of myself on my blog.  I know we all have our insecurities and also things we like about ourselves, and I am very critical of the way I look.  But there is really nothing I can do to change my features, although I know there are things I could do to alter some things about myself.  I decided to fling my insecurities to the wind today and I took this shot.  It’s not the best picture of me nor the worst, but I figured it was time to stop hiding on the other side of the camera lens.

    Edit:  My husband was not at home today, but let me know via phone that he dislikes this picture and wants to take a better one of me.  When (if) that happens, this one shall be replaced.  Lol.  I think my husband is more of a perfectionist than I am sometimes.  I am trying to let go.  Maybe I am rubbing off on him…


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