• 31Aug
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    I am enjoying the early taste of autumn we have had here the past couple of days.  The air has been crisp and cool, with a delightful breeze coming in when the windows are open.  I love the smells that come in from out doors…freshly mowed grass and fresh air.  I also love the sounds of the cicadas, crickets, and bullfrogs that are not able to be heard when the windows are closed and the air conditioning on.  I have been dreaming of apple pie, hot cider, and all of the other things that come along with autumn.

    As for knitting content…I am still working on my embossed leaves socks, and am currently on the leg of the second sock.  I will post pictures when they are completed.  I also want to share a link I found for joining in new yarn via a Russian join.  I have come to a knot in my ball of sock yarn (I dislike knots in the middle of the skein) and I am going to cut out the knot and try this join. 

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  • Thank you for posting the link for the Russian join. I used it just the other night. I was knitting a scarf and came upon a knot in the yarn (yuck, I hate it when that happens!). I used this join, and I can’t even tell where it was. Very nice, very easy. Thanks!

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