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    sock in progress

    I am currently knitting the Embossed Leaves Socks from the Winter 2005 IW.  I love the color of this yarn…so perfect for fall.  I think I am ready for the season to change.  I did have some trouble with the pattern, however.  It calls for size 2 needles, but when done in that size, the sock was far to wide for my size 4M foot.  So I frogged it and switched to size 1 needles (I do not own size 0 or else I would have tried that, since the sock was so wide).  On size 1 the sock was still too wide.  I tried again, but I eliminated one of the purl stitches between each leaf pattern repeat (total of four stitches eliminated).  This may have worked size wise, but the ribbing then did not line up correctly with the stitch pattern.  In the original version, the knit stitches in the ribbing lined up perfectly with the leaves so that the knits columns became stems for the first set of leaves.  In my altered version they only lined up with half of the leaves.  So I frogged again.  I then cast on eight stitches less than the pattern, allowing for only one purl stitch between columns of leaf lace.  It is not quite enough to allow for the definition that I prefer, but at least the sock fits.  I was tired of fiddling with the pattern and did not want to go purchase another size of needles, so this is my result.  They are a fast knit, though.  I started them (for the final time) on Saturday at the baseball game (I like to knit in public and baseball can be boring) after knitting only in my spare time I am now nearly finished with the first one.   

    new stadium

    The Cardinals beat the Cubs 2 to 1, and I enjoyed seeing the new Busch Stadium…I will share the pics I took of it. 

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  • Those are beautiful socks! I have that yarn (or at least, what looks like that yarn) and I made a pair of socks for my sister out of it.

  • Thank you very much, Tammy. The yarn is Patons Kroy Socks in the color Flax.
    I chose it because it is a great neutral color that will complement both denim and khaki. It is a wool/nylon blend that is both machine washable and dryable.

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