• 23Aug
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    Liberty 2

    Yesterday we got a new addition to our family.  Her name is Liberty and she is a 2-year-old Rat Terrier.  We adopted her from our local APA.  She is well behaved and is not bothered by our cats, although the cats do not quite know what to think of her.  We are still getting used to each other and trying to develop a routine.  I think we are going to start crate training her, though.  We did not hear her signals to go out last night and she had an accident, even though I had given her several opportunities before bed and during the night.  Luckily, we have hardwood floors and the mess was easily cleaned up.  She has done a better job at indicating her needs today, and we have not had any more accidents.  She also has a strong desire to sleep on our bed.  I have an equally strong desire for her not to.  (Hence, I think that the crate may be good at night to prevent accidents and to help the sleeping arrangements.)  Our cats have been sleeping at the foot of our bed for years, and I really do not want to displace them.  I want them to still have one special place that is their own to share with us.  Liberty did sleep on a bed I made for her next to our bed, but she tried several times to sneak up with us.

    Liberty 1

    She is well behaved, rather quiet, and likes to take walks.  In 24 hours I have only heard her bark once, and that was when my husband was coming home from work last night and was approaching the house.  One “woof” was all she did.  We also found out that she loves riding in the car.  We took her with us last night on a couple of errands, and now every time we go out for a “potty” break she wants to head in the direction of the car. 

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