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    My husband and I celebrated our anniversary a couple of weeks ago, but had refrained from exchanging gifts until a bonus check arrived.  Last night I got my anniversary gift:  A brand new sewing machine!  I have never owned a (working) sewing machine in my life, and I have always wanted one.  (I do have my grandmother’s antique one.)  I used one that belonged to a friend once, but that was the only time.  Now I get to learn to use my own.  I have always had to sew everything by hand, which takes quite a while, and therefore not much gets accomplished.  I do enjoy quilting by hand, but I would like to learn machine piecing.

    sewing machine

    My first project:  Learn to use the machine.  Second project:  Kitchen curtains.  After that, who knows.  I would like to attempt this handbag pattern by Amy Butler.  I have had the pattern for a couple of years, intending to do it by hand, but I have not attempted it yet. 

    Any tips or hints that anyone has about using a sewing machine would be appreciated!

    I am so excited!  Have I mentioned before that my husband is awesome? 


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