• 14Jul
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    Ear of CornOne of the things I like best about living in the Midwest is all of the fresh produce available here in the summer. When I drive between towns I pass fields of corn, alfalfa, soy beans, horseradish, tomatoes, watermelon, etc. There are many roadside farm stands that sell freshly picked locally grown produce – everything from corn to berries and peaches. Sweet corn is one of my absolute favorites. Since I grew up eating this freshly picked, I do not care for frozen or canned corn. Today I stopped and picked up half a dozen (but they gave me 7) ears of fresh sweet white corn, onion, portabella mushroom cap, and a quart of blackberries. We will have hamburger with grilled onions and mushrooms for dinner with sweet corn and salad, followed by blackberry cobbler for dessert tonight. I am going to make a smaller version of this Blackberry Cobbler (minus the nectarines). I made it last summer and it was very good. It goes very well with vanilla ice cream. Mmmmm…I cannot wait. I get hungry just thinking about it!


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  • When it comes to summer eating, there is nothing better than fresh produce. The blackberry cobbler turned out very well. I had extra ginger biscuit topping left over, so I punched out some with a cookie cutter and baked them for 15 minutes. The cookie-like biscuits were a nice not-too-sweet snack. I think they would work nicely in strawberry shortcake as well. I think I shall try the recipe again later this week…with raspberries and peaches this time!