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    Both Pink and I were celebrating finished projects last night.  We got together for our customary Thursday night Knit Night, which always includes knitting, conversation, and – of course – Starbucks coffee. 

    Pink's Icarus shawlPink modeled her finished Icarus shawl from the current issue of Interweave Knits.  It is finished, but not yet blocked.  I think that color of blue is lovely on her – it really brings out her eyes.  She knitted it out of Kid Merino by Crystal Palace.  It is a great yarn to knit with (but horrible to frog) and very warm for the weight. 

    two ugly socksI finally finished my Ugly Socks.  I do not plan on ever making another pair of ugly socks again.  I had to make myself finish them.  They were knitted out of Trekking (which I would not use again because it irks me when the color striping does not match on both socks) in a red/green colorway.  I liked the blend of colors in the skein, but they are rather garish in the socks.  Oh well…live and learn!  I have a very warm pair of socks to wear during the Christmas season.  I still really want to make the Ebossed Leaves Socks from the winter 2005 Interweave.  Now I just need some solid colored sock yarn…

    The next pair of socks I plan to make is a pair of these footy socks that Camille made (scroll down to her August 31, 2005 post).  My sister bought me some Knit Picks Gossamer in Caribbean, and I think it would make a lovely pair of footies. 

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  • Aw, the socks are pretty! I used Trekking XXL for my last pair of socks, and the striping didn’t turn out the way I liked either. I really like the yarn, but it’s not good for making identical socks out of!

  • Tammy – Thank you for your compliment.

    I thought I would pass along a yarn hint: If you like the texture/weight of the Trekking, but want a yarn that does match up, Opal is a good one. It comes in both patterns and solids. This was my first time using Trekking, and other knitters had the same matching problem that I did, so I will not choose to use it again. But Opal…there is some heathered brown/taupe Opal at a local yarn shop that I drool over every time I see it.

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