• 27Jun
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    Pink ClocheI had not posted any knitting progress in a while, so here is a little progress report. 

    I finished my Flapper Cloche and took a pic of Pink wearing it, but the picture did not turn out very well.  (Pink did not like it.)  Well, that was about ten days ago, and I still do not have a new pic so the old one will have to suffice.  I wore it to the Mad Hatter Tea Party and even won a prize for it!

    My “sneak peek” project is nearing completion, all that is left is finishing.  I have to seem it up, add the lining and handle, and then it will be finished.  When finished, it will be this chic little bag.

    Another Peek

    And my ugly sock…is still ugly.  I am almost finished, I just have to finish the instep and toe. 

    And since laugter is the best medicine, be sure to visit Mrs. Blythe’s site for your daily dose. 

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