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    Kitties in the Window

    My husband and I have Devon Rex cats.  They are a wonderful breed, and we really enjoy them.  We adopted them as adults when they were retired from showing and breeding. 

    Devons are known for their wavy or “rexed” coats, which are downy soft, and their faces are dominated by their large eyes and ears.  They are often described as being pixie-like.  They are friendly and very social.  They prefer to be around people, rather than being aloof. 

    Sarah Ophelia, or Sarah for short, is our female.  She craves attention and eye contact.  She is outspoken and likes to sing.  She is the “mama cat” and always grooms herself, our male cat, and even tries to groom my husband from time to time!  (He does not need it – he is very clean, lol!)

    Luvdatrex, or Dex as we call him, is our male.  He will do his “Lassie” impersonation when he wants something – he will meow until you follow him and he will lead you to what he wants.  His favorite things are clean laundry and watching birds outside the window. 

    For more information check out these sites:

    Cleocatra (This is where my cats came from.)

    Devon Heaven (This is where Dex was born.)

    My cats:  Dex and Sarah.


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