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    Pinky knits tooLast night my sister…I’ll call her Pinky…came over so she, along with my husband and I, could go eat at our favorite Thai restaurant.  After driving 20+ miles, we arrived to find it closed and dark with no sign or note as to the reason.  Since it was getting late and we were hungry, we ate at a local Mexian restaurant.  After being brought the wrong food and trying to request the right dish through a language barrier, and then trying to explain in very simple English how to split a check, we came back home.  By then it was definately time for some knitting therapy to help us vent our unsatisfied craving frustrations.  (I am not hormonal, honest.)  Pinky was working on a red scarf from her very own handspun wool.  It is her first skein of handspun yarn, and it feels very soft and luxurious.

    Since I finished the first of the Ugly Socks, I decided to start the second while I was still motivated to finish.  (I have had several one-sock wonders because I will get bored before the second sock is finished.  They are still waiting to be finished.)  I like the stripes on my socks to match, but after pulling out half of the yarn that was left scarf therapyI gave up trying to find a matching place to start the second one.  I rewound my ball and cast on…then frogged it because it does not match up to the first sock.  Then I decided I should not really care, so I cast on again.  After knitting about 10 rounds, I again frogged it because I just do not have the heart to knit it when I know it will bother me the whole time that it does not match the first one.  (Honestly, I do not think I am hormonal.  I will concede that I may be a bit too detail oriented, though.  Or maybe I just need some coffee….)  So…for a day, at least…the ugly sock will be a one-sock wonder.  Needing something to knit, I then went to my stash and picked out a mostly whole ball of Crystal Palace Kid Merino and cast on for a cocoon lace scarf.  It was a good bit of therapy – until I made a mistake and the mohair became knotted.  I was unable to frog it, so I cut it off and started again.  Now I am frustration-free (finally) and making progress.  Who needs a shrink?

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