• 07Jun
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    ugly sockI have been a knitter for some time.  It is no secret.  I carry knitting along in my purse or a tote almost everywhere I go.  I even knit in public with a sense of pride.  But last night I discovered I had become one of those knitters.  The kind of knitter I always secretly made fun of:  The-Hideously-Ugly-What-Were-They-Thinking Sock Knitter.  And I am proud of my ugly sock.  I could tell before I even turned the heel that it was going to be more than a little garish, but I kept knitting anyway.  Now I have one ugly sock.  Who knew that the beautiful ball of red, pink, and green Trekking would turn out looking like something that belongs to one of Santa’s Elves?  My husband agrees that my socks are wonderful; he just said that I should never wear them out of the house.

    Now I just have to knit the second one…

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